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Mixed Greens with Pistachios and Feta Cheese and a Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinaigrette

Serves 4 to 6


If you don’t have blackberry ginger flavored balsamic vinegar, use plain balsamic.


For the blackberry ginger balsamic vinaigrette:


4 tablespoons blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon minced garlic

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon large grind black pepper

4 tablespoons olive oil


In a small bowl, combine vinegar, garlic, salt, and pepper.   Slowly pour in oil, whisking until blended.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to toss.



For the salad:


3 cups romaine, washed, dried, and torn into bite-size pieces

3 cups baby spinach, washed and dried

⅓ cup pistachios, finely chopped

⅓ cup feta cheese, crumbled

⅓ cup red onion, finely chopped

12 cherry tomatoes, washed and cut in half

Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinaigrette

1 avocado, peeled, seeded, and sliced


In a large bowl, combine romaine, spinach, pistachios, feta cheese, onion, and tomatoes.

Drizzle with vinaigrette and toss until lightly coated.  Garnish with avocado slices and serve. 

Carol Ann

Carol Ann Kates is the award-winning author of cookbook, Secret Recipes from the Corner Market and Grocery Shopping Secrets. She’s an expert in how to shop, select, and store produce for maximizing home cooking outcomes and minimizing time and money spent. As a former supermarket and deli operator, Carol Ann shares grocery-insider wisdom—the same expertise you used to receive when patronizing a mom-and-pop establishment. Contact her at and explore her website,

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