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Learn the dos and don’ts and ins and outs of grocery shopping from an insider

Grocery Shopping Secrets is a must have for the novice cook and an indispensable guide for the more experienced. With rising food costs, it has never been more important to be an informed shopper – for quality – for quantity – for your budget.


Former grocer and award-winning cookbook author, Carol Ann Kates, shares a lifetime of wisdom on selecting and storing perishables as well as strategies for reducing your food budget. Finally, a resource to help you navigate the supermarket like a pro.  


Grocery Shopping Secrets is:

  • Stuffed with grocery-insider wisdom on how to select the freshest perishable products.
  • Flavored with advice on properly storing perishable foods, ensuring they stay fresher longer.
  • Sprinkled with directions on freezing everything from fruit to milk to shellfish.
  • Spiced with techniques and tricks Carol Ann has learned during her years in the kitchen. 
  • Available in eBook to take Carol Ann shopping with you on your smart phone or iPad. 

Available to pre-order October 15, 2023. Books available in December 2023.

Grocery Shopping Secrets

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