Editing Services

Carol Ann Kates

I provide editing (copyediting, line editing, recipe formatting), proofreading, and indexing services. My primary focus is cookbooks, having both edited and indexed multiple projects. In addition, I have written inspirational back cover for my clients.

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist that spent decades working in a customer-service oriented business and geek out making sure every detail of a cookbook is grammatically correct, indexed properly, and easy for the novice chef to follow. It brings me joy to make sure every detail is accurate, ensuring my clients are happy and the end-product is exemplary.

My strengths include attention to detail, consistency, organization, efficiency, and dependability. Attention to detail and consistency are important skills in creating a recipe that even the novice cook can understand. A recent review of my cookbook by US Book Reviews stated: “The author explains her recipes in an easy-to-understand style that makes intimidating recipes…seem easy.”

I am an award-winning cookbook author and food columnist and a graduate of the University of Washington. As a former grocery store owner, deli operator, and food manufacturer, I have over 35 years’ experience in recipe creation, development, and formatting and have perfected the technical execution of recipe writing.

Windsor, Colorado

Business Phone: (970) 669-7903
Email: carolannkates48@gmail.com

Years in the Culinary Field: 35
Years Freelancing: 6